Gyokuro, Kabusecha, Sencha

Each year in spring, our tea master sources high quality leaves from excellent Uji producers in the Kyoto prefecture to assemble a comprehensive range of flavorful teas revealing the culture of balance, elegance and appreciation of a rich Umami typical of high quality Uji teas.
The GyokuroKabusecha and Sencha included in our range of Uji teas is listed below.

Uji Gyokuro

GOKUJOU GYOKURO –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(Exquisite Gyokuro)
100g / 3,000 yen
This first harvest tea is a blend made mainly from tender spring leaves produced in the Shirakawa district within the limits of Uji city, coupled with some leaves grown in Uji Tawara.
The Shirakawa district has been well known historically for its production of high quality Tencha and Gyokuro, while Uji Tawara is renowned for its quality mechanically harvested Gyokuro.
The Shirakawa district benefits from a terrain possessing just the right inclination, along with a clay soil which retains nutrients well. The result of this topography are Gyokuro possessing a rich flavor and a splendid fragrance.
The blend of Shirakawa and Uji Tawara leaves allows for the crafting of a delicately balanced, umami rich and fragrant Uji Gyokuro.
 (For more specific instructions about infusing Gyokuro, please click here.)
極玉葉 極玉

BETSUJOU GYOKURO –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(Quality Gyokuro)
50g / 1,000 yen
This tea is assembled from tender leaves grown in the south of the Kyoto prefecture.  The blend is composed of Kyoto cultivars including Samidori, Gokou, Uji Hikari, Komakage or Houshun, depending on the lots selected by our tea master at the spring Uji tea auction each year.
This tea reveals the typical ‘ooika’ fragrance ( 覆い香- literally ‘cover fragrance’) of high quality shaded teas from Uji and offers an excellent tasting experience on an affordable budget.
別玉葉 別玉

Uji Kabusecha

TOKUJOU KABUSECHA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(Extra Fine Kabusecha)
100g / 1,500 yen
The shading the tea fields from direct sunlight for a set number of days before harvest to obtain umami rich teas (Matcha, Gyokuro, Kabusecha) is a production method originating from the Kyoto prefecture.
As such, the Kyoto prefecture producers excel at producing high quality shaded leaves which, sourced and blended by our tea master, result in this excellent Kabusecha representing the culture of elegance, balance and rich umami typical of high quality shaded teas from Uji.
The leaves included in this blend have been shaded between 14 to 20 days before harvest according to kyoto Kabusecha production standards.
This blend reveals a rich umami that might make the drinker think of a Gyokuro flavor, along with Sencha like sharper notes.
This tea will reveal an addicting flavor when infused thoroughly at low temperature and will allow drinkers to indulge in delicious daily tea times.
(For more specific instructions about infusing Kabusecha, please click here.)
特上冠葉 jou nettou gyokuro suishoku

JOU NETTOU “GYOKURO” –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
200g / 1,300 yen
Round and sweet Kabusecha
This approachable tea can be enjoyed at any time, by anyone (confirmed tea drinkers and beginners alike).
The blend is composed of mellow Kabusecha leaves and strongly dried, sweetly fragrant stems. It is assembled by our tea master so that it can yield a smooth Gyokuro like flavor with reduced astringency even if infused at high temperature, which makes it easy to use and infuse on a daily basis. Infused at cold temperature, the flavor will also be interesting with comforting, full bodied, deep savory notes.
(For specific instructions on how best to infuse Nettou Gyokuro, please click here.)

jou nettou gyokuro jou nettou gyokuro suishoku

NETTOU “GYOKURO” –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
200g / 1,000 yen
The rich flavor of this blend will shine at both low and hot temperatures. This quality tea including Kabusecha stems and leaves has mild flavors and and its stems reveal a sweet aroma.
Easy to infuse, it is a perfect choice when tea needs to be prepared for house guests or visitors in office settings.
(For specific instructions on how best to infuse Nettou Gyokuro, please click here.)
nettou gyokuro 無上別儀煎茶

Uji Sencha

SENCHA HINOKA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
Special blend 2019 limited edition blended by our  tea master, Naoki Kagata. The 2017 version of this tea won the ‘Fine Product Award’ equivalent to a silver medal at the 2017 Nihoncha Award.
60g/ 1000 yen
As we have been saying quite often, traditional Sencha produced without shading periods  of the field before harvest are becoming more and more rare in Japan, and we wish to participate in the preservation of this production method. This is why our tea master chose to use ‘pure’ Sencha leaves grown in full sunlight for this blend, in order to promote the appreciation of traditional Uji Sencha and to prevent this production method from disappearing.
This unique blend takes its name from its production method as ‘Hinoka’ could be translated into ‘Sun Fragrance’ in English.
The freshly assembled Uji Sencha Hinoka blend is composed of only two varieties of 2019 spring Sencha grown in Wazuka in the Kyoto prefecture. The main base for this tea are leaves of the Okuyutaka cultivar grown by Mr. Minato, who also grows our single field Kabuse Sencha Saemidori. The Okuyutaka leaves lend their fresh, almost spicy fragrance reminiscent of cinnamon and gentle umami to the blend. The second cultivar, Tsuyu Hikari, offers balance and pushes the flavor revealed by the liquor to a deeper level. By combining these Sencha varietals in an effective ratio, our tea master, Naoki Kagata, was able to craft a blended tea like no other.
It is not common to find Japanese blended teas revealing one of a kind characteristics, as they tend to follow trends and resemble one another. However, in spite of being composed of two types of leaves grown by different producers, the Uji Sencha Hinoka reveals a unique personality, not unlike the single field, non blended Uji teas that Rishouen strives to promote.
(For more specific instructions about infusing Sencha, please click here.)
IMG_0579 IMG_0580 無題

MUJOU BETSUGI SENCHA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(Special Choice First Class Sencha)
100g / 3,000 yen
This incredibly high quality Sencha bewitches everyone who savors it.
Assembled by our tea masters from dazzling, tender, extremely young spring leaves sourced directly from excellent Uji producers (some direct trade & some leaves offered during the early days of the  Uji tea auction), this unique blend represents the quintessence of Japanese Sencha: elegant aroma, purity and complexity of flavors, sweet notes and deep umami, soft and delicate liquor revealing just the right amount of gentle astringency.
無上別儀煎茶葉 無上別儀煎茶

MUJOU SENCHA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(First class Sencha)
100g / 2,500 yen
Beautiful dark green leaves left to grow in field a little longer before harvest than the leaves of our higher ranked Mujou Betsugi Sencha mentioned above. This blend composed of leaves that are still tender but more mature brings forth a strong flavor with the combination of delicacy and depth expected of a high quality Uji Sencha.

GOKUJOU SENCHA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(Exquisite Sencha)
100g / 2,000 yen
The leaves of this Sencha have been cultivated until full growth, and thus this tea is characterized by a strong and complex taste. Its delicate astringency will attract the palates of demanding gourmets and the curious beginners alike.
極玉葉 gokujou sencha

BETSUJOU SENCHA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(Quality Sencha)
100g / 1,500 yen
This Sencha is one of the staples at Rishouen and one of our best sellers. We drink this tea everyday during our morning breaks at the office accompanied by salty or sweet snacks to invigorate our body and stir our spirit.
This tea also gives the first impression of Rishouen teas, as this Sencha is served routinely to each person who comes see us in our office in Uji.
Our Betsujou reveals the fresh fragrance expected of a good Uji Sencha. The full bodied, supple liquor offers the balance between the rich, deep savory flavor and just the right level of pleasant bitterness typical of excellent Sencha from Uji. We recommend trying an infusion at lower temperature (60C) to enjoy its rich umami, with subsequent infusions at higher temperatures to enjoy a large palette of savors, ranging from mellow and round to swift and refreshingly bitter green.
別煎葉 別上煎茶

TOKUJOU SENCHA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(Extra Fine Sencha)
100g / 1,200 yen
Refreshing and elegant. This Uji Sencha is assembled by our tea master to offer an excellent tea value to quality ratio for tea lovers wishing to obtain a balanced yet affordable tea.

JOU SENCHA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
(Fine Sencha)
100g / 1,000 yen
Delicious Sencha astringency. A great introduction to Uji teas for small budgets.
Traditionally, the “Jou” rank serves as a reference point for experts to easily judge the overall quality of the tea house. This rank is considered to be the base, which gives an idea of what can be expected of teas ranked above in the range offered by the tea merchant ( Tokujou, Betsujou, Gokujou…). When the occasion arises to visit a tea house and taste several teas, we suggest trying teas of this rank first.
上煎茶 tp上煎

MIZUDASHI SENCHA –  Spring harvest, Origin Kyoto Prefecture
100g / 1,500 yen
Preparing Sencha through the Mizudashi infusion method creates a gentle beverage, low in caffeine, while simultaneously being rich in Vitamin-C, fluorine and theanine. Though this Sencha is blended to be infused through Mizudashi, it can also be prepared through other means to suite one’s taste. Like all quality Uji-cha, a single precise water temperature is not necessary to obtain a suitable brew. By infusing at a low temperature, the flavor of Umami is highlighted, while infusing at a high temperature brings about a strong and refreshing astringency. Please experiment freely and experience the unique flavors offered by each infusion. (For more specific instructions about infusion using the Mizudashi method, please click here.)

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