The Matcha described below are house blends assembled by Rishouen’s tea masters from high quality Tencha sourced in Uji city and in the Kyoto prefecture. From the highest grade to the lowest, our Matcha are all ground traditionally in a stone mill with the greatest of care.

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20g / 4,000 yen –  5g/ 1,000 yen
Origin: Uji City
This  Matcha  won the 1rst place of the 2016 Nihoncha Awards, Matcha category.
Ground in  a stone mill, this tea was blended by our tea master from precious hand picked, first harvest Tencha grown by Mr. Tsuji, Terakawa and Mr. Fukui in historical Uji Tencha growing locations – within the limit of Uji city, where tea gardens are becoming rare – to craft the best Matcha Uji has to offer.
The finely ground powder allows for the preparation of a dazzlingly elegant, light and frothy and sweet, refreshing liquor revealing a vibrant jade color and an extraordinary Umami devoid of any bitterness.
Main cultivar used for this blend: Asahi

Uta no Mori Matcha
(Exquisite Matcha)
30g / 3,330 yen
Origin: Uji city (main) + Kyoto prefecture
This extremely smooth tea represents the excellence of Uji Matcha with its light and elegant flavor rich in Umami. This is a blend of precious first harvest, hand picked Tencha sourced by Rishouen in Uji city and in the Kyoto prefecture. The Tencha used to assemble this blend is mostly sourced directly from Mr. Terakawa, an excellent Uji producer who received recognition from the Emperor for his work with Japanese green tea.
This high quality tea will impress practitioners of the way of tea during formal tea ceremonies, and is especially recommended for the preparation of deeply flavorful Koicha thick tea, although it can also be used to make a delightful, and less formal Usucha thin tea.
Main cultivars used for the Tencha blend for this tea: Narino, Samidori, Uji hikari, Asahi
(For more information about the difference between Usucha and O-Koicha, please see their definitions on our Glossary.
gokujou matcha

Shô Yô Matcha
(Quality Matcha)
30g / 2,330 yen
Origin: Uji city (main) + Kyoto prefecture
Full body, deep flavor. This Matcha is composed of tender hand picked Tencha harvested during the first harvest of the year in Uji city and in the Kyoto prefecture. This fine vibrant green powder can be used for the preparation of richly flavored Koicha devoid of displeasing astringency, as well as deliciously  thick Usucha with a strong, velvety mouthfeel.
Main cultivars used for the Tencha blend for this tea:  Samidori, Uji Hikari, Asahi.

Tomoshiro no Mukashi Matcha
(Extra Fine Matcha)
30g / 1,630 yen
Origin: Kyoto prefecture
Composed of tender spring Tencha hand picked in the Kyoto prefecture, this genuine high quality Uji Matcha yields a balanced, rich and creamy froth that will caress the tongue and throat with smooth mellow savory notes as well as a deliciously refreshing, light vegetal green flavor in the finish. This Matcha is perfect for the preparation of high quality Usucha, and can also be used to practice Koicha preparation.
Main cultivars used for the Tencha blend for this tea: Samidori, Uji Hikari, Asahi.
Tokujou Matcha

Uji no Mori Matcha
(Fine Matcha)
30g / 1,130 yen
Origin: Wazuka
Mild and refreshing Uji Matcha. This blend is composed of carefully selected Tencha mostly originating from the steep hills of Wazuka, the chief Uji Tea producing area. This tea is perfect for the preparation of an almost sweet, lightly flavored Usucha revealing a pretty froth with a long finish. The Jou Matcha is popularly served in the haute cuisine restaurants of Kyoto, in tea cafés, or to friends during teatime.
jou matcha

Uji no Shô Matcha
30g / 980 yen
Origin: Wazuka
This Matcha composed of  spring harvest Tencha grown in superior quality fields of Wazuka is characterized by a light sweet bitterness. This Matcha will be a good fit for the preparation of refreshing, casual Usucha on a daily basis, or for use as an ingredient for the preparation of gourmet confectionary and classy beverages.
Main cultivars used for the Tencha blend for this tea: Samidori, Gokou, Uji Hikari

Matcha Sosori
(Culinary Matcha)
30g / 670 yen
This Matcha can be used to create delicious confectionaries and drinks, pairing well with all sorts of flavors, especially sweet and creamy. From sprinklings on rolled cream-cakes, to Matcha-latte or Matcha au lait, we cannot recommend experimenting with Matcha cuisine enough.

High Green Tea
200g / 500 yen
This sweet Matcha mix is a customized mixture, ideal for instant enjoyment. The balance of sweetness and Matcha flavor is sure to please when iced or warmed. We recommend using milk instead of water, for an extra creamy-delicious experience.
green tea

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