Order Teas

Our teas are available for international shipping in retail and bulk formats.
We can send quotations including the tea value + shipping cost upon confirmation of a desired tea list and shipping destination.
Please feel free to contact us at info@rishouentea.com to request a full quotation from us.

Individual orders in retail format are shipped via Japan Post. We also use DHL express, K-Line and MOL Logistics LTD for wholesale shipments meant for professional international partners.

We do not have a credit card system: the requested payment method for retail orders is Paypal. The international paypal transfer fee will be quoted to the buyer in advance.

Please feel free to come visit us in our office to buy some tea directly from us if you have the opportunity to come to Uji. We will gladly discuss your interest in Japanese green tea and share a cup of tea with you.

Please note that Japan is on Japanese Standard time, and there can be quite a large difference between time zones, so we apologize if our response to e-mails is delayed by this factor.

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