Daily Teas – Genmaicha, Karigane

Here, we present tea used for simple enjoyment: Genmaicha and Karigane teas. Our tea-master particularly favors these teas that can be appreciated anytime, anywhere.


(Exquisite Kaori Genmaicha)
200g / 1,500 yen
Kaori means “fragrance” in Japanese, and we strive to select Sencha tea housing the finest aromas for this blend. This Genmaicha is ideal for the preparation of Ochazuke, and goes well with all flavors. It is made up of Mochi rice, grown and roasted here in Japan. (For specific instructions on how best to infuse Genmaicha, please click here.)

200g / 1,000 yen
A large component of this tea comes from tea plants having been grown under Gyokuro conditions. Also containing Karigane, this Genmaicha has a slightly sweet flavor. It is made up of Mochi rice, grown and roasted here in Japan.

200g / 720 yen
This is the most popular Genmaicha at Rishouen Tea.  Kaori means “fragrance” in Japanese. This name reflects the fine aromas revealed by this blend of first harvest Sencha leaves and stems, assembled with first harvest Kabusecha and high quality rice grown and roasted in Japan.

Karigane (Kukicha)

(Exquisite Gyokuro Karigane)
100g / 2,000 yen
This is the highest ranked Gyokuro of the Karigane type, providing a very delicate flavor without being faint and underwhelming. The supply of this tea is very limited, and we may not always be able to answer all demands, so an advance order is recommended. (For more specific instructions about infusing Gyokuro Karigane, please click here. Please note that Gyokuro Karigane preparation differs slightly from Gyokuro preparation.)

(Exquisite  Sencha Karigane)
100g / 800 yen
This classy Sencha offers extraordinary aromas as well as intense flavors. (For specific instructions on how best to infuse Sencha Karigane, please click here.)

(Extra Fine Sencha Karigane)
200g / 1,000 yen
Refreshing in the mouth, this tea has the peculiar characteristic of differing in flavor from its rich aroma. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the mixture of sensations.

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