Gyokuro Preparation


 As Gyokuro tea is of an exceptional quality, it has more flexibility in preparation than other teas. Thus we can tinker with the preparation of Gyokuro, which reveals different flavors when infused at different temperatures. Such a tea can be infused not just once but several times over, yielding new variables with which to experiment. Usually, Gyokuro is enjoyed in very small amounts, like caviar. Listed below is our recommended method of infusion for a tea that brings forth the flavors for which Gyokuro is particularly renowned.

serves 2 people:

10g Gyokuro / 60ml water

We recommend a very low water temperature to start,105°F (40°C), and infusion time of 90 seconds or more, and slowly building up the temperature by 10°F for each subsequent infusion.

90ml (3 tablespoons) of water is used for subsequent infusions.

Once the water is added to the tea pot, pour immediately into the cups and serve.

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