Sencha Preparation (J)


As with many Japanese teas, the method of preparation for Sencha is altered according to the desired taste one wishes to achieve. A sweeter, milder tasting tea may be achieved by using water at a lower temperature. Using water closer to boiling point yields a more astringent taste. As a balance of flavor is ideal for the maximum enjoyment of tea, we can recommend the following procedure:

serves 2 people

10g Sencha / 90ml water

Bring water to a boil, and let cool until approximately 140°F (60°C). It is easiest to cool the water quickly by pouring into the cups to be used. Once the water is sufficiently cooled, pour it into a tea pot and infuse with Sencha for 50 seconds, depending on the strength desired. Evenly pour little by little into each cup, until the last drop.

For the second infusion, we recommend using 120ml of water, and a water temperature of 158°F (70°C).

For the third infusion, we recommend using 120ml of water, near boiling point.

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