Order Teas (C)

At this time, English orders are exclusively conducted over E-mail, or at the Rishouen Tea office. Please note that Japan is on Japanese Standard time, and there can be quite a large difference between time zones, so we apologize if our response is delayed by this factor.

E-Mail info@rishouentea.com
Tel (+81) 774-22-0877
Fax (+81) 774-22-6550
〒611-0013 京都府宇治市莵道門前4−10
Monmae 4-10 Todo Uji, Kyoto Prefecture 611-0013, Japan
Business Hours 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.    Japan Standard Time
Regular Holidays, New Year’s week, from 12/30 ~ 1/3  Japanese Holidays

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