Mizudashi Preparation (C)


Sencha, Kabusecha, or Gyokuro type teas can be used with the Mizudashi technique. We also have a special blend called Mizudashi Sencha, optimized for the infusion of this delicious iced beverage.

30g tea / 1 liter water

In a large pitcher, gently mix the tea with room temperature water. Though it is recommended that the tea sit overnight in the refrigerator, you may enjoy it at any time after 10 minutes of infusion. We encourage experimentation, as the flavor is altered slightly from different durations of infusion.


Sparkling Mizudashi

This Sparkling tea is our tea-master’s invention!

15g tea / 16fl oz carbonated water

.25g salt* (optional)

Empty about an inch of the bottle of refrigerated carbonated water and directly pour the tea into the bottle. Put the cap back and refrigerate for at least 5 hours, or preferably overnight. Before straining, lightly stir in salt, then strain. It is best to serve Sparkling Mizudashi as soon as it has been prepared.

*Adding a little salt counters the difficulty of extracting the full flavor of the tea when using carbonated water. The full Umami taste of the tea can be more easily experienced with this addition.

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