Houjicha Preparation (C)


Houjicha of any rank can be prepared two different ways, according to the amount of tea desired, and the implement used.

small tea pot (kyûsu) method, serves 2 people:

10g Houjicha / 200ml (7 fl oz) water

Having brought water to a boil, pour gently into a tea pot (kyûsu) containing the Houjicha, and infuse for about 30 seconds. Pour evenly into each cup, little by little.

For a second infusion, we recommend using boiling water of the same quantity. Once the water is added to the tea pot, pour immediately into the cups and serve. Using Houjicha in a third infusion is not recommended.


large kettle (yakan) method:

20g Houjicha / 1.5 liters water

Add 20g of Houjicha to the boiling water in the kettle, and continue to boil for about 90 seconds over a medium heat. Strain the tea leaves out of the water to cease infusion. The Houjicha is then ready to drink at your convenience. Chill in the refrigerator or keep warm in the kettle.

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